Yoga on demand

Over the past 6 months I've been building an accessible, budget and time friendly way to do yoga, 

and have set up a yoga on demand library.

With over 50 hours of classes there's plenty to get stuck into (and many rambling and odd facial expressions of mine for you to enjoy). With unlimited access to all classes you can view classes as many times as you fancy.


You can choose from a one off 2 week pass or a memebership (a re-occuring 2 week pass.)

This will all be on a site called 'Punchpass',  you will need to make a free account with them to puchase a pass/membership and to view the classes.

All class are suitable for all levels, from those who have never heard of yoga before to those who practive regularly.

If you'd like to hear about my classes please head to the reviews page and you'll see if I'm your gal.

2 week pass: £15

2 week membership (reoccuring) : £12

To book please head to 


First time doing online classes? 

No problemo...

In order to purchase a membership and access the classes, you’ll be asked to create a free account with Punchpass. 

Punchpass is a very clear and easy to use site (trust me I'm not techy person so wouldn't have chosen it if it wasn't), it will ask you your email and for a password (be as jazzy-pants as you like with this but try not to be like me and choose the name of your first pet and keep adding digits to the end until you have over 20 numbers tagging along, makes for a very frustrating 'forgotten password; situation).

From there you will have access for 2 weeks from the date you purchased the pass to all the classes, you can use them as much as you like. 

Each 2 weeks a new series of classes will be released, to get a pass for them just book like you did before, simple pimple (or get a membership which is a re-occuring pass that saves you the faff of rebooking and is cheaper).

For the classes the only thing you really need is a bit of clear space (I've had people do it on their beds before) and a smile.

If you have a mat great, if not no worries.

And then all the basics really, make sure the sound is up, you can fill the video to the whole screen via the 'full screen' button on the bottom right hand corner. I've always found it handy to put my laptop up on a chair infront of my mat to make it easier to see, and if you've got a busy household or any distracting noises around wireless earphones can be wonderful.

Take this time for yourself, maybe treat it as you would with going to a physical class, bung some incense on, put some fairylights around your mat, turn the lights down, do anything you need to to make it lovely for you. If you're used to going to a class at a certain time maybe keep to this schedule as you know it fits in well with your daily doings, if you find starting the day or ending the day with yoga makes you feel bloody fantastic then go with that. These classes are for you to feel like the fantastic being you are- and there is no time scale to that, you do you.

I would so love to hear how your practice is going and how you are in general, as I'm missing you all.

See you soon x

Hannah x

Ballet Barre on demand

If you would like a Ballet Barre package (for more info on ballet barre please head to the 'Ballet Barre' tab at the top right of this page) I'm offering a monthly pass.

With over 28 hours of class, all with different themes and focuses there is plenty to choose from.

These classes are in my opinion one of the best styles of fitness conditioning, as classes combine ballet-inspired moves alongside Pilates, Yoga and strength training, A very fluid and graceful way of gaining strength and tone in not much time at all (hence why they may feel bloody hard work at the time but are so rewarding).

Ballet Barre On Demand : £20  (valid for 1 month)

To purchase the monthly Barre Pass head here:


Yin Yoga on demand

If you fancy a Yin only package, you can book a monthly yin pass, with access to over 30 hours of Yin classes.

Yin is a more restorative and meditative style of yoga, that  uses more breath control and longer held poses. A beautiful practice that

In the classes I explain the influences on Chinese Medicine, and detail the meridian lines that each position relates to. 

Yin Yoga on Demand : £25  (valid for 1 month)

To purchase the monthly Yin Pass head here:


Meditation and Breathwork on demand

This package is filled with 30 min classes focusing on different meditation and breathwork techniques.

In the classes I explain the influences from Yogic philosophy, Chinese Medicine and the physiological reasons for how each technique effects the body.

All classes are uploaded so there wil be no further classes added, so you have your pick of over 6 hours of classes for the month.

Meditation and breathwork on Demand : £15  (valid for 1 month)

To purchase the Meditation and Breathwork Pass head here: