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Yoga on demand

Every other Monday a package of 8 classes will be released, for you to use as many times as you like.

All will be on a site called 'Punchpass' you will need to make a free account with them to view the classes

Once you book your 2 week pass will be active and you will be able to access the yoga library, here you'll find the 2 weeks worth of classes focusing on different parts of the body and different yogic themes.

All class are suitable for all levels, from those who have never heard of yoga before to those who practive regularly.

If you'd like to hear about my classes please head to the reviews page and you'll see if I'm your gal.

To book please head to .....

2 week pass: £15

2 week pass (reoccuring) : £10

If you know you'd like to have more than 2 weeks worth of classes there is the membership/reoccuring pass option, saving you the faff of having to get another pass.

First time doing online classes? 

No problemo

In order to purchase a membership and access your classes, you’ll be asked to create a free account with Punchpass. 

The only thing you really need is a bit of clear space (I've had people do it on their beds before) and a smile.

If you have a mat great if not no worries.

Once you book you will be sent a link to the yoga playlist, this will be on Youtube, so no fancy subscriptions to any websites necessary.


on a site called 'Punchpass' you'll need to make an account that  will only need your email and a password.

From there you will have access for 1 month from the date you purchased the pass. 

From there you will have access for 2 weeks from the date you purchased the pass to all the classes, you can use them as much as you like. Each 2 weeks a new series of classes will be released, to get a pass for them just book like you did before, simple pimple.

And just all the basics really, make sure the sound is up, you can fill the video to the whole screen via the 'full screen' button on the bottom right hand corner. I've always found it handy to put my laptop up on a chair infront of my mat to make it easier to see.

Take this time for yourself, maybe treat it as you woud with going to a physical class, bung some incense on, put some fairlights around your mat, turn the lights down, do anything you need to to make it lovely for you.

From here you will be able to choose from a selection of 8 different classes, all classes have a decription about what the class is focusing on (e.g. shoulders and neck, hips etc) so you can choose the one that you think you'd enjoy the most.

There will also be a video introduction from me with each new 2-week package (if you know me you'll realise this is quite a rambley and ridiculously 

I would so love to hera how your practice is going and how you are in general, as I'm missing you all.

See you soon x

Hannah x

Yoga on demand : 8 classes (valid for 2 weeks)

Yoga on demand : 16 classes (valid for 1 month)

Ballet Barre one demand

If you would like a Ballet Barre package (for more info on ballet barre please head to the 'Ballet Barre' tab at the top right of this page.

These classes are and in my opinion one of the best styles of fitness conditioning, as classes combine ballet-inspired moves alongside Pilates, Yoga and strength training, In my opinion one of the best ways of gaining strength and tone in not much time at all (hence why they may feel bloody hard work at the time but are so rewarding).

You can book month long passes here ..... for a package of 6 classes to use in your own time.

Ballet Barre On Demand : 6 classes £25 (valid for 2 weeks)

Ballet Barre On Demand : 12 classes £40 (valid for 1 month)

Yin Yoga on demand

If you fancy a Yin only package, you can book so here.......

Yin is a more restorative and meditative style of yoga, that  uses more breath control and longer held poses. A beautiful practice that

In the classes I explain the influences on Chinese Medicine, and detail the meridian lines that each position relates to. Sound a bit ott? No worries, if you've ever been to my classes be

Yin Yoga on Demand : 6 classes £25

Yin Yoga on Demnad : 12 classes £40